• Connecting with IFTTT

    IFTTT connects your car with your favorite apps and services.  Create Recipes to automate Actions between two services, such as texting your family when you reach a key location or tweeting about your fuel efficiency!

    1. Download the IFTTT application for iOS or Android.
    2. Search for "Vinli" or click here to be taken to the Vinli services page.
    3. Select an applet and grant permissions

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  • Connecting with Gas Gauge

    The Gas Gauge app helps you track your fuel consumption and spending in real time and over various time periods.

    Connect Gas Gauge with My Vinli

    1. Open the app, and select "Yes" when asked if you have a Vinli device.

    2. Tap the "Sign In" button and enter your My Vinli credentials.

    3. Tap the "New Car" button and select the appropriate vehicle from the list.


    gas-gauge-support1.png gas-gauge-support2.png gas-gauge-support3.png

    Download Gas Gauge

    View Gas Gauge in the Vinli App Catalog.

    Additional Support

    For additional help with Gas Gauge, please visit http://sasonabkarian.wixsite.com/sasonabkarian.

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  • How Can I Customize the My Vinli App?

    There are currently two ways to customize the My Vinli app: rearranging the cards on the dashboard and adding a picture to the device.


    • Rearranging Cards
    1. To add and remove cards, go to your My Vinli Dashboard.
    2. Then, click the circular blue button that is located on the bottom right corner of the Dashboard.
    3. You will then see a screen that shows a list of the “Active” and “Inactive” cards.
    4. Drag the different cards to the order you would like to see them in. If there is a card you do not want to use, drag it into the “Inactive Cards” section.


    • Adding Picture to Device
    1. Locate the Menu in the My Vinli App and tap on “My Devices”.
    2. Then, select the device whose image you’d like to add.
    3. Hit “Edit” and tap on the circular image that sits on the lower right of map.
    4. Once you’ve allowed Vinli access to your photos, select the image you would like for your device and hit save!

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  • Connecting with Amazon Alexa

    Amazon Echo gives you a voice activated assistant named Alexa, who has the answer to all your questions.

    How to set up:

    1. Log into your Amazon Alexa account.
    2. Open the menu in the top left corner and locate “Skills”.
    3. Search “Vinli” in the search bar.
    4. Click “Enable Skill” to link Vinli and your Alexa.

    Access the Vinli Alexa Skill here.

    You can ask for:

    • Vehicle Location -e.g. "Hey Alexa, ask Vinli where my car is"
    • Driver Score - e.g. "Hey Alexa, ask Vinli for my driving score"
    • Car Mileage - e.g. "Hey Alexa, ask Vinli how many miles are on my car?"
    • Previous Trips - e.g. "Hey Alexa, ask Vinli about my last trip"
    • Vehicle Health - e.g. "Hey Alexa, ask Vinli for my car's condition"
    • Fuel Left in Car - e.g. "Hey Alexa, ask Vinli how much gas I have"
    • Set your Odometer - "Hey Alexa, ask Vinli to set my odometer to 75,000 miles"

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  • What is the My Vinli Dashboard?

    The My Vinli Dashboard is your go-to source to get a deeper look into your drives with us. The dashboard was created to give you an easy and comprehensive view of many of your favorite Vinli features, such as trip reviews, your data usage, as well as the location of your vehicle, all on one page!

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  • How do I revoke apps from my account?

    To revoke access for apps, open your My Vinli application and select the menu button in the bottom left corner.  

    Select “My Apps” and press “Revoke” for any application you choose.  

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