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We have focused on security from the beginning as a fundamental pillar of Vinli rather than an afterthought.

Our approach to protecting users is called the Vinli Shield Technology and it works in three layers:

Active Protection

Potential hacking or sending of malicious code to Vinli devices is blocked at the hardware level so that unauthorized data cannot be sent to the engine. That means we have electrically disabled any ability for the Vinli device to control the workings of the car.

It is impossible to use Vinli to control the brakes, gas, steering, engine, or any other mechanical system of the car, because the physical connections to the computer controls for these parts do not exist.

Firmware Protection

Vinli’s software also lacks any capacity to influence the operation of the car. Vinli can only collect data from the engine and other mechanical systems, not send arbitrary commands to them. And our encryption meets strict industry standards for data security.

Vinli Authentication and Privacy

No one can read the Vinli device’s data without passing through a multi-stage authentication process. Vinli requires an app to receive explicit permission from the user through an OAuth process, which is both secure and familiar to most users (Facebook, Twitter or Google login, for instance).

Vinli users always have complete control over access to their data. The user has the capability through the My Vinli application to revoke this access at any time.

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